Latest update: 14.08.2022

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Under this main subjects, I will gradually add accessories and components, with reference to the Radio Amateur segment in Scandinavia.

- My own production
- Components
- Connectors and "in between" cabels

Several of the product announced, I have found being usefull during my own amateur activities since 1980, original under the call OZ1CXI, and given by that I would like to offer those products for really competitive prices and as Danish designed and produced.

Apart from assuring small stock of the most selling components, most of my products will, as standard, be produced upon order, typical within 2-5 days.

In general arranged with GLS.

Via MobilePay or Bank transfer, and always up fornt when ordering products!

If any interest in any of my products? .. or questions to some product? .. press here: CONTACT

- and any visit at my site, are also welcome.


Have a great plessurer out there with the the best hobby in the world! 
"73"/John Sauerberg