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At this site you will, under the the below main subjects, gradually find selections of accessories and components, that I both as active radio amateur as well as based at my old company VIDATRONIC (since 2005), wish to offer to the Radio Amateur segment .. Scandinavien as well as outsite Scandinavien.

- My own production
- Do-it-yourself Kit
- Components
- Connectors
- Cabel

Several of the product announced at the site, I have found being usefull during my own amateur activities since 1980, original under the call OZ1CXI, and given by that I would like to offer those products for competitive prices.

I will slowly try to arrange with a small stock of the most selling products, but in general it will be so that all active products and most of the Balun/UnUn series, are to be assembled upon order, but with very short leadtime, typical 2-5 days.

Shipment will in general be arranged by GLS.

All products will always be packed in a secure way, in order to assure against damaging during the transportation.

Payment shall be made upfront when ordering, primarely by MobilePay, however Bank transfer will be OK upon agreement.

If you would like to buy some of my products, or if you have any questions to the program, you are most welcome to contact me at my direct e-mail address [], and if you may have a wich regarding some interesting product, that I do not have at my program, you are also welcome to contact me.

OBS! Yor are also most welcome to visit my site at, enter my call at the top of the site, and have a look at my setup and so.


Have a great plessurer out there with the the best hobby in the world! 
"73"/John Sauerberg